Mystery Shopper FAQ's

Some people think getting paid to shop is too good to be true, so below are a few of the questions we often get asked about what it is like being a mystery shopper:

Do you really get paid to shop?

Yes! We normally ask you to complete an assignment at a specified store, or restaurant, or hotel and to act out a scenario whilst posing as a normal customer. The assignment will usually involve assessing staff performance, customer service and store tidiness and cleanliness. You might also be asked to check on merchandising or asked to audit a store in some way. Each assignment is different, depending on the needs of the client. The one thing you must never do is reveal yourself as a mystery shopper - posing as a normal customer is essential!

Some assignments require you to make a purchase to assess customer service and efficiency at the till and some may ask you to return a purchase to evaluate the stores return/refund policy. Be prepared to be flexible!

What makes a good Mystery shopper?

You need to show commitment, have a very good memory and excellent observational and report writing skills. You must also be prepared to work to strict deadlines and return your reports as soon as possible after completing each assignment, normally the same day or the day after at the latest! Flexibility and enthusiasm are a must!

Can you make a full time living out of mystery shopping?

No, Mystery Shopping does not provide a full time living and our clients want to use everyday consumers who are going about their normal daily lives. It's a great means of supplementing your income or an opportunity to earn a few extra pennies in your spare time.

Does it pay well?

The pay rates differ from assignment to assignment depending on the scenario. As a general guide, the assignments pay on average £5 along with additional reimbursement towards any purchases you are required to make. Some purchases you can keep and still be reimbursed for!

How will I get selected for an assignment?

Being selected for an assignment will depend on a number of factors. When you register with Market Force we ask you to complete a questionnaire about your interests and hobbies. We use this information to show you the assignments which you are most likely to be suited to. Sometimes our clients will ask for assignments to be completed by people who meet very specific criteria to help them gain an alternative perspective. In certain circumstances you may be required to undertake a test assignment for training purposes.

What’s the best thing about being a Mystery Shopper?

Mystery Shopping is fun and it's varied. You never know you might even get an assignment at your favourite local restaurant, pub, hotel, or clothes shop and so on. The scenario for each assignment differs each time and you find yourself discovering places that you may not have come across before. You might even get to travel to local towns and cities, see new sights and eat at different restaurants and pubs.

What's the worst?

The deadlines are often very tight and you should never accept an assignment unless you are 100% sure you can complete it in the required time. Sometimes scenarios don’t play out the way you expect, or a staff member may suspect you of being a mystery shopper - don't ever let on that you are! You have to be flexible and be able to think on your feet.

What happens once I become a Market Force Mystery Shopper?

After your registration is approved, we contact you by email with your login ID and password. These will take you to your homepage. Here you will be able to search, view and accept assignments which are available to you. This is also where you will complete and submit your assignment reports.