Become a mystery shopper and tell us about your experiences

So how does it work?

Register an account with us
Once you have created an account you can download our free app and start finding jobs near you!
Go out to your chosen job, fulfil any tasks required and submit a report when the job is complete
Once we receive your report, your expenses (plus a bit extra) will be repaid into your account!

Mystery Shopper FAQ

  • Do you really get paid to shop?
  • Yes! You will be posing as a normal customer but your shopping costs will be repaid to you plus a bit extra.
  • Can I make a full time living out of mystery shopping?
  • No unfortunately not but it's a great means of supplementing your income or earning a few extra pennies in your spare time!
  • What happens once I become a Market force Mystery Shopper?
  • Once your registration is approved you will be provided with a login ID for our shopper site. You can then download our app and start taking jobs!